About Ott Schweitzer Distributing

Company History

• 1952 – Ott Schweitzer purchased Carling’s Black Label and Gettelman

distribution rights and hired an employee.

• 1965 – Rights to Miller Brewing Company products were purchased.

• 1975 – Daniel Braun was hired by the company.

• 1977 – To help run the fast-growing company, Ott hired his two son-inlaw’s, Richard Sheridan and Richard Bysted. Realizing the sales growth potential, they significantly expanded the workforce.

• 1978 – Steven Bysted was hired by the company, now current


• 1991 – Douglas Sheridan was hired by the company.

• 1992 – Ott, Richard and Richard retired leaving the third generation, Steven Bysted and Douglas Sheridan, along with longtime employee, Daniel Braun, to take ownership of the Company.

• 1998 – Ott Schweitzer Distributing purchased Wisconsin Wetgoods

Company, out of Watertown WI, to expand territory and sales.

• 2004 – Growth is realized and plans for a new facility begins.

• 2006 – We move into our new state of the art facility with 37 employees.

• 2007 – We have added specialized key positions and now have a labor force of 55 employees and have exceeded 1.4 million cases in sales.

• 2009 – Ott Schweitzer purchased Dodge County from Beer Capitol

Distributing to expand territory, brands and sales.

• 2015 – Ott Schweitzer purchased the Western half of Waukesha and

Washington Counties from Beer Capitol.

• 2015 – After acquisition in March of 2015, Ott Schweitzer Distributing now has a labor force of 75+ employees and have exceeded 2.2 million cases.